One More Day

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The other day, I saw a commercial on television about children wanting “one more day” of vacation. It was a commercial advertising the benefits of having a particular credit card, but its message from the children was what really struck me: that many of us have yearly paid vacations, and, yet for whatever reason, we, as parents, fail to take the full vacation.

We usually come home a day or two early. The children’s take on this is why would we do that? So they question their parents – and plead with them to take one more day! That got me thinking – why don’t we take that extra day to spend our vacation with our families?

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“In the years that I have been in this organization, I have never seen a standing ovation given to one of our speakers. It’s tough to impress or  to move this group and when I saw the spontaneous eruption of applause while everyone got to their feet; I knew I was seeing something very special.”
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